BRIDEE stands for BRIDGING DESIGN, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and EDUCATION. BRIDEE is funded by the Enterprise Flanders (Flemish Government Agency) under the 2013 BRUG call.

This co-creation platform brings together creative idea owners with talented business and design students in multidisciplinary teams. They work together to turn the most appealing ideas into practice, exploring new product concepts, brands and business opportunities. Each team is coached by top business academics and design gurus during a period of 8 months (October – May).

All rights stay with the idea owner. Participation is free.


There are 4 phases in the BRIDEE journey:
1/THE CALLS (Ideas and students), 2/ TEAM CREATION, 3/ CO-CREATION and 4/ the END EVENT


BRIDEE starts with an OPEN CALL FOR IDEAS where idea owners (individuals, designers, business students and companies) are invited to post their innovative and creative idea(s) with business potential.
The best ideas are selected based on innovation level, design challenge, business potential and the entrepreneurial spirit of the idea owner(s).
BRIDEE invites all business and design talent to register themselves as business or design students. In return for your skills we offer you networking and career opportunities, a deep dive into design thinking and an entrepreneurial team. The registration allows us to invite you to upcoming BRIDEE events.


All ideas are evaluated by a team of independent design and business experts based on criteria like: innovation level, business opportunity, design challenge (see FAQ). The selected idea owners pitch their idea at the IDEAfair (16 October 2014). They inspire business and design students and persuade them to team up.
Idea owners, business and design students network, discuss, explore the entrepreneurial challenges and find each other in multidisciplinary teams. Once the teams are created they receive the BRIDEE LABEL and co-creation starts.


During the co-creation phase the teams work on their project with the support of academic, practitioner and design coaches. Together with their partners, BRIDEE organizes a series of workshops, coching sessions and master classes – focusing on ideation, market research, user centric design, branding, marketing, financing, etc. – to help the teams turn their idea into a real venture. This results in a business plan, business model canvas and a design concept.


The teams pitch their result before a jury.
The next challenge for the teams is to start a real venture to bring the idea to the market. To support this goal the End Event provides an audience that will challenge the output and will give our avid teams an extra push to achieve a real business.
We give them visibility, but also bring them in contact with parties that can help them with the next stage of their development. These include investors, business angels, companies and also a large number of institutions such as Enterprise Flanders (Agentschap Ondernemen), Flemish Living Lab Platform, IWT, Innovation, VOKA, ...