BRIDEE 14−15


Business and design students work together from October till May on smart venture ideas. With the support of academic, practitioner and design coaches they will create real businesses together with the owner of the original idea. Are you a potential idea owner, a business or design student, then you can get involved!
Check out the timeline and the roles of the different players.



During the co-creation phase (October till May) the idea owners, together with their teams of business and design students, work on their ideas. Elaborating not only a viable business model, but also working on different design aspects. Through coaching sessions, workshops and masterclasses the team get expert advice and tips by the BRIDEE coaches and keynote speakers.

END EVENT - BRIDEE's TAKE OFF (9th of May 2015, Antwerp)

At BRIDEE's TAKE OFF event the idea owners, design and business students pitch their result.

The challenge for the teams is to continue with their idea. With BRIDEE's TAKE OFF ( a press conference / networking session) we help launch their startup by giving them visibility and provide contact with possible investors, and a number of institutions such as Agentschap Ondernemen, Cultuur Invest, PMV, IWT, … We also invite entrepreneurs and friends of the BRIDEE teams.


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BRIDEE invited design students to participate in an inspiring co-creation with idea owner and a team of business students. Design students bring in their design skills to shape & visualize innovative concepts business plans that will bring realistic ideas successful to the market. Design skills in return for a real life co-creation experience that will expand your professional business network.

BRIDEE invited business students to participate in an inspiring co-creation with an idea owner and design students. Business students form an entrepreneurial team and write a credible business plan in return they experience the value of a complementary team, design thinking and play an important role in a real venture.


BRIDEE uses 2 events and our online platform for teamcreation.
The 2 events stimulate interaction, the platform brings structure and allows students who weren’t able to join us at the IDEAFAIR to scroll through the ideas (sheet + video of the pitch).
The IDEAFAIR on Thursday 16th of October 2014 was a big success.
Idea owners pitched their idea for business and design students followed by a network moment to stimulate interaction. A night full of exploration and entrepreneurship. Enjoy our photo and video coverage of this wonderful event.
Our online platform allows students to get an overview of all the ideas on to communicate with the selected Idea Owners. At our platform, students can read the idea sheets, check the ideaowner profile, mark the best ideas by giving them a rating and even watch the video of the IDEAFAIR pitch. Perfect for students who missed the IDEAFAIR.
Next event was the MATCHUP on Tuesday 21th of October 2014.
We invited all participants to join us in a creative setting. By challenging the ideas and sharing visions, the best match between ideators, business and design students resulted in full operational BRIDEE teams.


There are they different roles in the BRIDEE project. Read here all about them:
IDEA OWNER, if you have a bright idea!
BUSINESS STUDENT, if you are taking entrepreneurship courses at a university.
DESIGN STUDENT, if you want to build up your business experience and network, working on a BRIDEE venture project.

Read more about your role, personal benefits and engagement.