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You can register yourself as an Idea Owner and submit your bright idea for BRIDEE 04!
This year’s edition will be even BETTER, BIGGER and BRIGHTER.
Students from Vlerick Business School, Antwerp Management School, University of Antwerp, Howest and many others joining forces to help you take your idea to the next level!

Register your idea before the 7th of October, 6PM! (click button below)

Before you start your registration some more information:

What BRIDEE offers:

  • The opportunity to work on a business plan for your venture idea and to develop inspiring product concepts and brands with a team of up to 4-6 Business students (MBA or Masters) and a design student.
  • With guidance and coaching by experienced academics and practitioners via the platform as well as live during workshops and coaching sessions.

What BRIDEE expects from an idea owner:

  • To share with the students information about the idea, including business contacts, market information and technical information that your already have.
  • To allow students to perform market research including talking to potential clients and partners.
    To keep an open mind and allow the student teams to evaluate critically and if needed, change your idea.
  • Important: only ideas that have the potential to become an independent venture are allowed. Spinoff ideas from existing companies are allowed!

What BRIDEE warrants:

  • The idea is yours and stays yours.
  • All new information as well as the business plan can be used to the benefit of the further development of the idea.
  • You are free to proceed with the co-operation with the team or certain members beyond the program.

What BRIDEE doesn’t warrant:

  • That the business you propose will be viable.
  • That the students will treat you as a paying client (they will treat you as a peer).
  • That the students will make the exact case you had envisioned.
    If all this makes sense, proceed to registration!


If all this makes sense, proceed to registration!